How to contact our webmaster or organization. *** If you want to talk to an English-speaker in the northern hemisphere, tweet to @BigGoodJohn (NB tweet, not DM.) *** We don’t have offices. We don’t accept donations (please donate directly to the charities that we support.) We don’t have any brochures to send out. Just imagine our administration as a cardboard box in a back-bedroom in a private house in Johannesburg, South Africa, and you won’t be far wrong. Our address for formal written correspondence from the South African tax and charity authorities is: ‘ELM, 46 Neon Ave, Lenasia, 1821, South Africa.’

How much money have we raised to help elephants? *** We don’t know! We don’t take donations. We ask donors to give directly to elephant charities working in the field.

Who created this website? *** It is maintained by volunteers. We send any spare cash to help genuine charity work, and we don’t waste a penny on hiring slick professionals to make us look good!

What are your future plans? *** (1) To engage more of the public by raising our social media profile on Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram. (2) To start an Elephant Shop to raise funds for charity by selling themed items such as t-shirts. (3) To create an email newsletter. *** It all takes time when we rely on volunteers, but it will get done!