We are an NPO. NPO is short for “Non-Profit Organisation”. Sometimes these are termed “Not-For-Profit” or “Nonprofits”.

Essentially, we don’t have any ‘owner’ or ‘shareholders’ to pocket any profits, because we will never make any profits. After paying our overheads (like the cost of this website) any funds are devoted to charitable causes (such as donations to charities in the field).

We are constituted to comply with the Non-Profit Organisations Act, 1997 (Act No. 71 of 1997), of the Republic of South Africa.

Under international reciprocal agreements, we are the equivalent to what the USA calls a 26 US Code 501(c)(3), and what the UK calls 2011 Chapter 25 1(3)(k).

Our constituted aims are to help wildlife charities in the field, and to help raise petitions to further elephant welfare.

We do not accept donations ourselves. We offer links to elephant charities (none of which are associated with ourselves). We would be delighted and grateful if you can afford a donation direct to them instead.